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Museum of Fire

Museum of Fire

Museum of Fire by OVO Grabczewscy in Zory, Poland

Flame Exposition Pavilion is realization in Zory, Poland made with OVO Grabczewscy.

Target: realization for city council of Zory

Architects: OVO Grabczewscy

Architect In Charge: Barbara Grabczewska, Oskar Grabczewski

Design Team: Beata Kosok, Marta Musiał, Agnieszka Krzysztonek, Martyna Wojtuszek

Project website: OVO-Grabczewscy

The Museum of Fire is telling stories about fire and history of Zory, the city in Silesia Region, south of Poland.

During medieval times the city was created inside a forest, which later, had razed. The name of the city was derived from this process, Zar – meaning fire, burn or flames. Bad name brought bad luck to the city, forcing the citizens to fight with fires. The most dangerous one, on 11th of May 1702, destroyed half of a city. To honor this day, Zory is helding a procession every year.

Fire became a base for the design of a museum.

Area: 642.0 sqm
Year: 2015

Main contractor : Voyage Sp. z o.o., Żory
Copper facade: Grande Polska Sp. z o.o.
Lightning: ES – System Polska Sp. z o.o.

Awards winning project, such us Building of the Year 2015 or Mies Van der Rohe

Example of publications:,,,,,, local websites.

Museum of Fire by OVO Grabczewscy

Museum of Fire by OVO Grabczewscy

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Chain Bath Luiza

Chain Bath Luiza


Realization of the Chain Bath in mining heritage park „Queen Luiza”, Zabrze.
Target: Coal mining museum in Zabrze.

Project website: OVO-Grabczewscy
Architects: Konior studio & Ovo Grąbczewscy architekci
Architect In Charge: Barbara Grabczewska, Oskar Grabczewski
Cooperation: Katarzyna Kunsdorff, Marta Musiał, Ewa Stelmach
Pedestrian bridge static design : MK project : Marian Kręzel

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