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Design of parks which replaces streets in Warsaw, the capital city of Poland.

Target: Academic design, ASK, Warsaw University of Technology

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Year of the concept2014/2015

Used software: Rhinoceros3D, Grasshopper, DepthmapX, 3DS Max, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop


Biocover is a design of a new greenery network within a city. In the times of concrete buildings or streets, greenery is very desired. People demands walkable spaces and social areas. Thus I developed an idea to replace some streets with parks. The greenery imitates nature.

By analyzing cars movement within a city, we can declare which streets could be removed or reduced. In the city of Warsaw we can find plenty of such. I divided them into 5 categories, from streets with the lowest traffic data to streets with the highest traffic data.

martamusial-03 martamusial-04martamusial-05 martamusial-06 martamusial-07 martamusial-08 martamusial-09 martamusial-13martamusial-14 martamusial-11 martamusial-12




The Solar System is an interactive installation for Copernicus Science Center
Target: Academic design
Group work
Project website:

The “Solar System” is an interactive art and science all year outdoor installation. It is designed as a tribute to a polish astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus. Copernicus, the patron of the Science Center, most known for the formulation of the heliocentric model, where the sun, rather than the earth is placed in the middle. This was a revolutionary approach at the time that completely changed the way of thinking about the world as we know it.
“The Sun” is placed in the central point, in front of the main entrance to the Science Centre. To help visitors imagine the size of the star, only a little fragment of the sphere is revealed, It forms a glowing dome. It is a unique piece of the exhibition in the same way the sun is unique within the solar system.
Each of the planets and their natural satelites is represented by a sculptural installation, based on their physical characteristics . They are placed on the respective orbits within the Science Centre surroundings.


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