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Skyline Masterplan, Dubai

Skyline Masterplan, Dubai

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Master plan of a new district made with Groundlab and Praxis.
Target: realization for Landscape Concultancy Praxis Architect
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Architects: Praxis (Architecture), Groundlab (Landscape Architecture)
Year of Implementation: 2015-16
Site: 27.1579 ha
List of key functions and facilities: Hospital, Bridge, Park, Bolervard, Walking Paths.

Quadtree is proposed here as the concept for the landscape design in order to create comfortable outdoor areas to be inhabited at different times during the day and year. The concept enhances the existing grid and structure of the skyline master plan as the basis for a further subdivision into a smaller scale. The quadtree grid generates open, semi-open and enclosed modular spaces that can be used to create micro-climates at multiple scales, allowing a better control of the temperature and humidity in outdoor inhabitable zones such as the linear park and playground areas.The square prototypes/modules are designed as a catalogue that can be implemented on site linked to climatic conditions. The squares are related to shading and cooling techniques as well as local materials and create a material/pattern gradient in order to house different programmes and activities along the linear park and playground areas.
Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 15.41.34 The Creek walk- promenade
Groundlab-150112-24-1200x677 Groundlab-150112-25-1200x838 Groundlab-150112-27-1200x848sun masterplan 13.10.09-01

Underground Housing

Underground Housing

The Countryside Housing estate in Tychy, Poland, designed like single family houses.
Target: Bachelor of Science in Architecture diploma, Silesian University of Technology
Location: Tychy, Poland
Year of the concept: April – June 2014
Used software: Revit Architecture, Adobe Illustrator, 3ds MAX, Adobe Photoshop

What if multi-house building would look like a bunch of single houses?

Well, it’s enough to sink it in the ground, add some atrium spaces, some common spaces and some gardens, and we have our recipe!

domnawsi-02 domnawsi-03