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Eco House

Single house / low-cost energy

Rybnik, Poland


Design team: Marta Musial, Adrianna Dobska, Katarzyna Kunsdorff, Mateusz Jaworski, Daria Skrabel

Client: private


GFA: 600 m2

Area: 5250 m2

Levels: 2 above, 1 underground


The target of the design was sustainability and low-cost maintanance. The building consists of 1 level above ground and 1 level below ground has optional mezzanine for further development.


House has it’s winery and swimming pool. The style is close to the ones of traditional for this region. Bricks were used from leftovers found on the site.


Entire low-cost maintanance allows almost full independency of the investment. The roof from the west side is covered with fotovoltaic panels and solar collectors. The flat roof is covered with 65 sqm of extensive greenery. It consums solar energy preventing from overheating of the living room. Designed green house is situated next to the main entrance and separated garage with technical rooms. Installations are ground heat exchanger and sewage farm. Existing well has been adopted to new waterworks network. Heating is with ecological pellet.


All of this allows to keep maintanance as low-cost.