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Buro Ole Scheeren

I have experience in renown company Buro Ole Scheeren, based in Beijing China. The company is specialized in large developments. Due to confidentiality, I will show in portfolio only main projects of the company, not the one that I have worked in:

Below is the typology of projects I was part on:






Based in UK, Germany, Canada, USA, China and Korea and more…


All projects are confidential.

Please find examplary projects of the company Buro Ole Scheeren below:

Ovo Grabczewscy

One of the best Polish companies, receiving many awards. Over 3 years of close collaboration.

Below is the typology of projects I was part on:

– FLAME EXPOSITION PAVILION, Żory | realization |
– JEWISH MUSEUM, Sobibor | competition |
– DRIFT QUEEN LUIZA, Zabrze | realization |
– MUSEUM OF ETHNOGRAPHY, Budapest | 2nd stage competition, honourable mention |

– SHOPPING CENTRE SUPERSAM, Katowice | realization |

– OFFICE BUILDING, Wroclaw | competition |

– KINDERGARTEN, Ruichang, China | competition |


Museum of Fire

The Museum of Fire is telling stories about fire and history of Zory, the city in Silesia Region, south of Poland.

Museum in Zory, Poland, Realization

2009 – 2015

Design team: OVO Grąbczewscy + Marta Musiał

Main contractor: Voyage

GFA: 642 m2

Levels: 1 above, 1 underground

Project website: OVO-Grabczewscy

The Museum of Fire is telling stories about fire and history of Zory, the city in Silesia Region, south of Poland.

During medieval times the city was created inside a forest, which later, had razed. The name of the city was derived from this process, Zar – means fire, burn or flames. Bad name brought bad luck to the city, forcing the citizens to fight with fires. The most dangerous one, on 11th of May 1702, destroyed half of a city. To honor this day, the city Zory is helding a procession every year.

Fire became a base for the design of our museum.

The shape of the museum is defined by an underground pipline and obligatory laws and it reminds a fire.



Archdaily Building of the Year 2016,

Architecture of Silesia in 2015,

The Best Touristic Object 2015,

7 Wonders of Poland,

Life in Architecture,


Polish Architecture 2014

and many more…

Museum of Ethnography


The Distinction Award in UIA international competition, gained with OVO Grabczewscy.

Target: uia international competition for new museum of ethnography in budapest : distinction award 2014, liget budapest


Architects: OVO Grabczewscy

Architect In Charge: Barbara Grabczewska, Oskar Grabczewski, Marek Grąbczewski

Cooperation: Marta Musiał,

(II stage of competition): arup polska – kraków office

facade consultants : maciej sobolewski – schueco polska, tomasz szubielski – saint – gobain glass polska

structural, mechanical , electrical engineering, energy model, sustainable building analysis and environmental consulting


Example of publications:

baunetz.de, archdaily.com, dezeen.com, designboom.com, bryla.pl, propertydesign.pl, local websites.











Chain Bath Luiza

Coal mining museum

Tychy, Poland

April – June 2014

Bachelor of Science in Architecture diploma, Silesian University of Technology


GFA: 642 m2

Realization of the Chain Bath in mining heritage park “Queen Luiza”, Zabrze.

Project website: OVO-Grabczewscy

Architects: Konior studio & Ovo Grąbczewscy architekci

Architect In Charge: Barbara Grabczewska, Oskar Grabczewski

Cooperation: Katarzyna Kunsdorff, Marta Musiał, Ewa Stelmach

Pedestrian bridge static design : MK project : Marian Kręzel

publications: propertydesign.pl24zabrze.pl

Jewish Museum


Sobibor, Poland


Design team: OVO Grąbczewscy + Marta Musiał



Competition entry for Jewish Museum in Sobibór – the place where during the II World War Jewish people were killed. The place should memorieze these people.