Museum of Modern Art

Contemporary Museum of Modern Art in Buenos Aires made for [ac-ca] international competition.


Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Year of the concept: April – July 2012

Used software: Autodesk Autocad, Revit Architecure, 3Ds MAX, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

The idea was to create an one building inside another with two different functions. First one, the insider, is a commercial area containing restaurant and shopping facilities. People are obligated to pass thrugh this area to enter some parts of the museum. The museum, which is the second building, is  the outsider, area of exhibitions, lectures or workshops.

The museum is situated within a line of existing buildings, near the Puente de La Mucher and next to the Fragata Sarmiento. The look of it is made with perfored acrylic stone in white color. The module of perforation is culled from the division of elevations in the nearest buildings. Multimedial screens are showing what is inside viewed from the outside.




One building inside another:




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