Visual Identity for Snowflake company.


Design of parks which replaces streets in Warsaw


The Solar System
Interactive installation made for Copernicus Science Center

Experimental Design 2

Realization made with OVO Grabczewscy.

Museum of Fire

The Soundscape
Architectural Association
Visiting School 2014.

AAVS Bilbao

The Distinction Award gained with OVO Grabczewscy.

Museum of Ethnography

An architectural idea of visiting the historical city of Tongguan in China

Play! Invisible Museum, China

Futuristic transportation system
Warsaw, Poland

Earth for Biking

Visual Identity for Reflex Polska firm

Reflex Polska

Light, acoustic and kinematic installation.

Experimental Design

Train station and adjacent urban areas done with Groundlab and Plasma Studio.

Mobility Centre, Innichen

Master plan of a new district made with Groundlab and Praxis.

Skyline Masterplan, Dubai

Visual identity for HR Polska

HR Polska

Realization of the Chain Bath in mining heritage park „Queen Luiza”, Zabrze.

Chain Bath Luiza

Visual identity for Bowling Experience

Bowling Experience

Visual identity for HR Masters

Hr Masters

Bachelor Diploma

Underground Housing

Visual Identity for an university club at Academy of Leon Kozminski.

Kozminski Business Club

Workshops about sustainable design of a house in a multidisciplinary group.

Eco House

Competition made with OVO-Grabczewscy in 2013 for an office building.

Cetus in Wroclaw

Competition made with OVO Grabczewscy for a Jewish Museum in Sobibor.

Jewish Museum

Project with a use of solar power, steel construction and new

Solar Info Point

Collaboration with Open Architekci for one of the biggest investors – Echo Investments.

Retail Centre Metropolis

Contemporary Museum of Modern Art in Buenos Aires made for [ac-ca]

Museum of Modern Art

Centre of Health and Wellness designed in the centre of Gliwice.


Academic project for a centre of art and leisure in Gliwice.

Art and Leisure Centre

Academic project of a park in Zabrze, nearby the Silesian Medical University.

Garden Park Spaetha



Concept for a simple cafe made during first year of studies.

Grey Cafe